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04 May 2010 @ 08:57 am
Fic: The Sniper's Return, Part 9 (Ian/OC. NC-17, irena_adler)  

Yes, back to this after a year and a half!  You might want to reread the first 8 parts. :) 

The Sniper's Return, Part 9
Characters: Ian/OC (Jason / picture) , Don(/Will), Charlie(/Colby)
Rating: FRAO, NC-17
Summary: The Sniper's Return
- On a difficult case, Ian turns to those who are both experts and friends.
Part 9 - Ian finds it tough to keep his mind on the case.
Word Count: 2024
A/N:  This looks like it's going to have 13 sections. 

The Sniper's Return, Part 9 - Wayward Thoughts )