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Top 11 Reasons to Fan(girl/boy) Agent Ian Edgerton:
11. He's an experienced tracker.
10. He taught sniper training at Quantico.
9. You owe him a favor.
8. He owes you a favor.
7. He just saved your ass. Again.
6. He just pwned your ass. Again.
5. He's in ur hideout, snipin ur d00dz.
4. He makes Charlie blush.
3. He makes Colby fidget.
2. He's the bastard son of Clint Eastwood and Yoda.
1. If you don't, we're not responsible for what happens to you.

This is a place to post fanfic, fanart, caps, pictures, discussion, squee, and anything else I may have forgotten related to the character of Ian Edgerton as played by Lou Diamond Phillips in CBS' Numb3rs. All copyright laws apply and no infringements thereof are ever intended. Please join us and play along :)

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